Asset Inspection Services

PCC provide New Zealand’s largest team of NACE corrosion and coatings inspectors.

PCC's Asset Inspection services include:

  • Corrosion and coating condition assessment.
  • Scoping of rectification works.
  • Tender documentation and administration.
  • Supervision of painting contractors.
  • Training.
  • Project management and Engineer to Contract (painting).
  • Asset planning and maintenance strategies (corrosion control).
  • Cost benefit analysis (corrosion control).
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Condition assessments

We can undertake condition assessment work to the level of depth and sophistication required by each client. This includes extremely detailed assessments for special requirements, through to quick but insightful assessments which cost comparatively little on a structure by structure basis, yet return valuable data to asset owners.

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Mike Boardman
Director and Divisional Manager